The Customer Growth Plan


What This Book Will Give You

This holistic approach works by building trust with your prospects and offering them your products/service in such a way that makes you the only logical choice for them.

By setting out a plan of how to convey your business message will ensure that everything you post will reach the right people and convey the message you want them to hear.

Every penny of your marketing budget needs to work hard, let’s make sure it does.


A book that is 130 pages long and has 10 chapters in 2 parts

  • Why write this book?
  • Where are you now?
  • The stark realities of business
  • Part 1: The content – what you want to say about your business
  • Chapter 1: Keyword Research
  • Chapter 2: Content Creation
  • Chapter 3: The Website
  • Chapter 4: Blogging
  • Part 2: Promoting Your Content
  • Chapter 5: SEO – optimising your content for search engines
  • Chapter 6: Google Business Profile
  • Chapter 7: Social Media
  • Chapter 8: Paid advertising
  • Chapter 9: Reviews and reputation building
  • Chapter 10: Email marketing


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